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I'd like to get into Lawrence Braymer's (Inventor of Questar Telescope) head and pick his brain. But, I can't do that now; 'cause he's dead. But perhaps I can summon him through spirit medium, since he left a link behind to facilitate the matter. The link is the Braymer legacy of Questar; the ultimate telescope, and consummate tool for use as a medium.

Medium for a Mystic.

Questar TelescopeA medium can be anything to assist a mystic to channel their psychic energies. Examples include: Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, I Ching, Tea Leaves, and ... a Telescope? Yes, why not a telescope? The stars have been used as a medium for astrologers since time began. How wonderful to have a tool to bridge the gap between the mystic and the cosmos. The Questar Telescope has mystic symbolism throughout. Note the mesmerizing beauty, that after 50 years of existence, is still the world's most beautiful telescope. This choice of design is not by accident. In a plan to map out a medium, the designer sought out design qualities that focused on ergonomics, optical perfection, beauty, and fine instrumentation. The colors red, purple, royal blue, and silver, were chosen; colors that mystics and creative artists have adorned throughout the ages, for their ability to both radiate and contain vital energy forces. Numerologists would argue that Questar was designed for those that seek a higher cosmic consciousness. The argument would continue by describing Braymer's persona as energetic, creative, and single-minded in purpose! The fact that the year Questar was introduced to the public (1954), Lawrence Braymer, and Questar; each reduce to the number one (1) is curious. What does all this mean? Naysayer's may disagree but great mind's have long used mediums to "see" beyond the obvious; so rich in suprises and instruction. Questar can serve to make our microcosm - macrocosm connection, which goes far beyond our innate visions. Like a Crystal Ball, Questar is small and personal. The Zen in this attachment is in the becoming one with the instrument. It can be used for both terrestrial and astronomical explorations; and a lifetime is not long enough to exhaust its possibilities. Go to FAQ and Tips for further insight.

Tweaking a Classic

Questar was first introduced to the public in 1954; after seven years of single-minded devotion of creating the finest and most versatile telescope in the world. When the first Questar ad appeared in Sky and Telescope Magazine, the size was described as being no taller than the page the ad was printed on! Moreover, the telescope was self-contained, so one did not have to fumble in the dark looking for this eyepiece and that thingy. And that was only a fraction of the advertising pitch, as the outer and innards of the telescope was described down to the smallest component. Right then you knew that this telescope was something special. So from a revolutionary optical idea, the designer merged ergonomics and artistic packaging, to create Questar. But is this classic trapped in a time warp? Not hardly, as Questar was ahead of its time then; and in step with time today. For example, the diameter of the declination circle is 4 inches, and the right ascension circle is 6 inches! These large precision circles Questar setting circleshave chronometer-like engravings, making finding objects as easy as using an electronics based GOTO telescope; without all the noise and gliches associated with such systems. With only a casual polar alignment, one can mate "classic-tech" with "hi-tech" to have a hassle-free GOTO telescope. This can be done using today's Pocket Personal Computers running a suitable astronomy program. One such device is the Apple iphone. The iphone has a plethora of applications (apps) to select from that complement Questar. Some of the iphone features include an electronic compass and Global Positioning (GPS) ability; facilitating polar alignment. The ability to zoom in and out of star charts (e.g. Starmap Pro or GoSkywatch), enhances the experience.Apple iphone running Starmap Pro The software apps are available from the Apple itunes store. Most of the astronomy apps have a display mode which preserves night vision. An alternative to the iphone are Palm and Pocket PC computers. These programs allow the storage and display of thousands of stars and celestial objects in a real-time ephemeris, which can be tailored to a particular observing site or viewing condition. Other features allow recording of observations, and the ability to make sketch drawings directly on the LCD screen.

Russian Influence

Lawrence E. Braymer used Dmitri Maksutov's optical design to form the basis for his compact telescope idea. The result of that vision was the world's most patented telescope for its time (patent applied for in Nov 1947). Besides employing a revolutionary optical function, the resulting Questar was handsome in appearence. This was quite a contrast to the thinking in Soviet Russia, where function and purpose ruled. Leave the form to ballets and lovers of Fabergé eggs! After World War II in 1945, the Russians raped defeated Germany of its top optical designers, then moved them to Leningrad. Suddenly the Leningradskoe Optiko Mechanichesckoe Objedinenie (LOMO) got a technical shot in the arm that propelled it into the worlds top military optical facility; a key advantage in information based warfare.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed".... A. Einstein

Chiron's Mysticism.

Most of my adult life has been on a quest for: Why? I seek truth from all paths; for each has something of value to offer. The greatest civilizations ( or certainly the longest lived ) recorded (i.e. Egypt and Rome), had a common thread. Polytheism. The former left their mark in ancient hieroglyphs, and huge monoliths. The latter, carving out memoirs amongst the stars and planets. Thus the reason Zen and Taoism has a personal appeal. But these civilizations have long vanished into oblivion, with only the stars as reminders of a vanquished past. The next great kingdom will not be of man (Daniel 2:44). Astronomy is my passion to catch a glimpse of the heavens while on Earth, and allow myself to feel the meekness and humbly experience the awe. Imagination and humility play a principal part. Life has taught a lesson, that reality is an illusion, and that the only certainty is uncertainty.

The opinions and ideas expressed herein are from Barry Carter. The information is provided "as is" for your enjoyment, and disclaims any connection with the Questar Corporation, officers, or employees. Send comments and questions to: Barry Carter's Mailbox

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