Barry's Nikon D70 Digital Imaging

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***** Photography by Barry *****

Nikon D70, 600mm, f/8 Solid Catadioptic mirror lens, 1/250 sec, 6 may 2004 Prime focus attachment of D70 to Questar Maksutov telescope.
Transit of Venus, Farmington Hills, MI, 8 June 2004.  Nikon D70 and Kenko Pro300 1.4x TC mounted on Vivitar Series I, 600mm, f/8 mirror lens, Thousand Oaks Solar Filter, ISO 800, 1/320 sec, RAW mode. Transit of Venus - 2004.  Nikon D70 prime focus to Questar 3.5 Telescope, Thousand Oaks Type 2+ filter.  Egress of Venus from Sun after 3rd contact.  Data: ISO 800, 1/320 sec, RAW (nef) mode.
Photo of Barry, 7 apr 2004.  Nikkor 28-105mm D, imaged RAW (NEF), 28mm, ISO 200, f/8, 1/320 sec. Japanese chuzao shamisen player.  Nikon D70, Sigma 17-70mm at ISO 200, f/8, 17mm.
Thunderstorm - SE Michigan, 5 May 2004.  Nikkor 28-105mm at 28mm, f/13, 28 seconds, ISO 200, NC 4.1 and Paint Shop Pro 8 processed Lightning Strike - D70 tripod mounted, ML-L3 remote, 28 second exposure, 28mm from Nikkor AF 28-105mm D in Manual mode.

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